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Ancestry of Larry Vizenor and Teresa Reuter
Descent of Teresa Reuter from Joseph Soukup


Teresa E. Reuter
b. August 5, 1946 Garrison, ND
Married:  Larry Vizenor, Jan. 7, 1972, Detroit Lakes, MN
Children:  Lowell T. 1973: Tara M. 1976: Louis F. 1987
Parents:  Jacob Reuter and Philomena Soukup
Remarkd:  Resided in ND, MN, TX, WI
Philomena Ann Soukup
b. May 3, 1906, Sleepy Eye, MN
d. June 13, 1984
Buried:  Underwood, ND
Married:  Jacob Reuter, June 11, 1929; Garrison, ND
Children: Francis, Sylvester, Helen, Clarence, Alfred, Mary, Teresa
Parents:  William Soukup and Ida Sieg
Remarks:  Moved from Sleepy Eye, MN, with parents, to Garrison, ND in 1915
William Soukup
b. Jan. 21, 1883; Sleepy Eye, MN
d. Jan. 4, 1948
Buried:  Garrison, ND
Married:  Ida Grace Sieg; May 6, 1905, Sleepy Eye, MN
Children:  Philomena, Emil, Henry, Freda, Helen, Arthur, Eleanor
Parents:  John Soukup and Catherine Gehr
Remarks:  1915 homesteaded near Garrison, ND
John Soukup
b. August 24, 1856; Bohemia (Trohatin) Now Czech Republic
d. Sept. 24, 1934
Buried:  Sleepy Eye, MN
Married:  Catherine Gehr, Feb. 14,1882; New Ulm, MN
Children:  William, John, Joseph, Anna, Wenzel, Mary, Henry, Charles, Michael
Parents:  Wenzel Soukup and Margaret Domeier
Remarks:  Catherine Gehr immigrated from Germany in 1880
Wenzel Soukup
b. April 6, 1835; Trohatin, Bohemia; Now Czech Republic
d. March 14, 1910
Buried:  New Ulm, MN
Married:  Margaret Domeier; June 16, 1857
Children:  John, Anna, Margaret, Joseph, Peter, Theresa, Wenzel
Parents:  Joseph Soukup and Mary Heinl
Remarks:  April 17, 1870 immigrated to America
Joseph Soukup
b.Trohatin, Bohemia
Married:  Mary Heinl
Children:  Wenzel, other children not known
Parents:  Mary's parents Andrew Heinl and Marg. Prokosch
Research by Frank W. Reuter
Extended Histories Available:
    Wm. Soukup 1883-1948
    Wenzel Soukup 1835-1910

Frank W. Reuter
(Philomena, William, John, Wenzel, Joseph)

Extended Soukup Genealogy (Descendants of Joseph Soukup)

Teresa Reuter, 1966

Philomena Soukup

Philomena Soukup & Jacob Reuter Wedding, 1929
William Reuter(Best Man) Freda Soukup (Maid of Honor)

William Soukup

2006 William Soukup Reunion
Children and grandchildren of Philomena, Henry and Freda Soukup(William)

The William Soukup Family
Standing: Emil,Arthur,Philomena,Henry,Helen,Freda,Eleanor,Seated:Wm, Ida

William Soukup and Ida Sieg Wedding, 1905
St. Mary's Catholic Church, Sleepy Eye, MN

Picture Above, Standing: Stephen Sieg ( Ida's brother), Mary Birtell, John Soukup (William's brother), and unknown lady. (Courtesy of Frank W. Reuter)

John Soukup

Catherine Gehr & John Soukup

Picture courtesy of Charles (son of John) Soukup family.   Gregory, Ardella and Cordella, children of Charles, displayed the picture at the 2006 Soukup Reunion in Sleepy Eye, MN.

John Soukup Family

Back Row: Joe, John Alfred, William; Second Row: Wnzel, John(father), Anna, Catherine(mother), Mike  Front Row: Charlie and baby Mary.

Catherine Gehr & John Soukup, 1911

Back row-Wenzel, John Jr., William, Charlie, Joseph, Michael  Center Row-Henry  Front Row-Anna, Catherine(mother), John Sr.(father), Mary

Wenzel Soukup

Wenzel Soukup
Picture on display at the 2006 Soukup Reunion Sleepy Eye, MN

Margaret Domeier
Picture displayed by the Charles Soukup family at the 2006 Soukup Reunion, Sleepy Eye, MN

Wenzel Soukup, 1835-1910
Immigrated to America in 1870

Back Row-Anna, Joseph, John Jr. Peter, Theresa   Front Row-Wenzel Sr. (father), Wenzel Jr., Margarite Domeier (mother)

Soukup Family Photos

Thanks to LeAnn J.Soukup (Henry, Wm., John, Wenzel, Joseph) Smith  for sharing the photos from Ida Sieg Soukup's "Old Red Photo Album".  LeAnn is also sharing pictures from her family's photo collection.
If you have pictures of any of the ancestors listed above and would like to share, please contact us.